3" Vinyl Typhochlaena amma (Pink Nebula Tarantula) Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Use


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 3" wide x 2.2" Tall vinyl sticker to be used on cars, or any outdoor or indoor smooth surface. Waterproof and UV resistant

Typhochleana amma (Pink Nebula Tarantula)

This species is in the same genus as the infamous T. seladonia (Brazilian Jewel Tarantula). This is one of the newer discovered species that is also an arboreal trapdoor, and very few people know of this species, and even less are able to visualize it! This is our way of allowing you to observe the beauty of this species in your own home (or anywhere that has a smooth clean surface!!)

Sadly, this species has not made it to the USA hobby legally yet, so for now we just have stickers!

This tarantula in real life would reach an adult size of only about 2" legaspan, and like the Brazilian Jewel, makes trap doors on the sides of trees. This amazing species is a true wonder with the half blue and half pink coloration, it resembled a nebula so that is where the name

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