Harpactira pulchripes (Golden Blue Leg Baboon) 0.75-1"


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This African features a stunning gold coloration, with metallic blue-grey legs. One of the most beautiful, and unique tarantulas in the hobby! 

This species is also more unique for a "baboon" speices since they are much more patient then many other speices from Africa. 

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Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Hapactira
Species: pulchripes
Type: Terrestrial/Heavy Webber
Temperment: Semi-Defensive (Very docile for "Baboon" species)
Endemic Location: South Africa
Adult Size: 4-4.5"

Species Description

This African species is unique for a baboon. They are one of athe more tame old worlds and have a fantastic gold and infamous metallic blue-grey legs that is surprisingly similar to reflective saftey vests. As adults they get a deep gold color and their legs become a shimmery reflective grey.

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