Freebie Items

Below are freebie items available with qualifying orders. Please see the following rules:

  1. Choose the freebie that applies to your order per the provided "bracket"

  2. Add them to your cart and check out as normal

  3. *NEW* You can only add a maximum of 1 of each freebie to each box being shipped, but you can add as many different freebies as your order qualifies for

  4. Only add what you qualify for BEFORE shipping. 

  • Example: If your order is $200 before shipping, then you qualify for 1 freebie for 200+ or multiple freebies that "add" to a credit of 200+

**We only consider order credit BEFORE shipping and fees**

Note: Freebies are for tarantula orders only. For isopod orders we include extras in each culture for freebies!