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Hello and welcome to our isopod page. We now have 2 different locations that we ship isopods from! Choose the location that works best for you and message us if you have any questions!

east coast mapping red.png

East Coast 'Pods

Our east coast branch is located in western North Carolina. Here we also keep our tarantulas, reptiles and other inverts. Order from this page if you are closer to the east coast, or want isopods shipped with other invertebrates (except for those on the west coast page). Note: this location requires overnight shipping to be selected at checkout. 

West Coast 'Pods

Our west coast branch is located in southern California. This location ONLY deals with isopods and can ship with a FLAT RATE of $25 USPS 2-3 day shipping. 

NOTE: only isopods can be shipped from here and you will be charged an extra shipping if combined with tarantula orders!

West Coast Mapping.png
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