Our Story

The team at Exotics Unlimited has been keeping and breeding exotic animals for nearly 2 decades. While EU only began in 2019, our team has been selling animals we produced for over a decade. It was in 2019, that we decided it was time to make a brand that everyone could become familiar with and that has lead us to where we are today. 

Our 2 co-founders are listed below and a little about each one. While we appreciate everything our other team members do that helps us accomplish all that we do, our 2 co-founders are ultimately the ones who keep our standards and ambitions high as we escalate to continue providing top notch service to every customer across every corner of the continental USA. 



Hello everyone! My name is William one of the co-founders of EU. I manage everything from website and logo design, to social media to answering all your questions on our inverts and lizards.


Many of you have met me at shows and had great conversations about animals and inverts in person, which is so fun! Seeing the joy these animals bring to you guys is really what makes this worth while for me.

My specialty is tarantulas and since our new facility I have recently added on several monitor and gecko projects that will be procuring in the coming years. I cannot wait to show you all what is in store

I am so thankful for the support from all of you that allows us to continue doing our passion. - William


Hey everyone. My name is Trenton and I am also a co-founder of EU. I manage all of the serpent projects here at EU, and answer all of your questions online about everything concerning snakes.


I oversee the many serpent projects we have going on including: sand boas, garter snakes, hog noses, pythons, king snakes,milk snakes and other colubrids.

I have met so many of you at shows so far, and I look forward to meeting many new faces at our next expo.


 We have had such a great season so far, and there is alot more in store for 2023 so stay tuned. Thank you for all of your continued support and allowing us to do what we love every day! - Trenton