Terms and Conditions

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to get you your animals ALIVE! We bring a lot of shipping experience to the table, but ask that you guys give your animals the consideration they deserve when picking up and unpacking your order. We don't have policies to be difficult, but many of the animals we ship are rather fragile, especially invertebrates, and the time frames we ask people to follow is what they can safely withstand in the stress of shipping any time of year. 

Heat packs are designed to keep your animals warm when its cooler outside (under 45 degrees F). However, when these heat packs are in a room temperature environment, they can very quickly dehydrate and overheat your pets, which can quickly decline their health. 

Cool packs are designed to keep your animals cool when its excessively warm outside (over 85 degrees), and when placed indoors can too create an environment for your pets that is hazardous. These are the reasons we have our "2 hour rule". 

Note: If something comes up last minute let us know ASAP. We work with you guys because life happens sometimes, but we can't cover every situation in our terms so please just contact us if something comes up last minute. - EU Team

Live Arrival/ Animal Health Guarantee

Please follow these steps in order to get our full benefits of replacement animals. The following requirements we ask people to follow are out of consideration for your animals health and to allow us time to help fix issues if they arise! We cover shipping on replacements for orders that are twice the value of shipping! We want you to have piece of mind and that's what we are here for.

  1.   Report DOA with pictures or video within 2 hours of package arrival to the shipping center or your home.

  2. We guarantee the health of your invertebrates, reptiles, birds and amphibians for one week (7 Calendar Days) after being shipped. Any doubts of a healthy animal should be reported within a 2 hour window of package arrival. This gives us a chance to help you if anything goes wrong and save the animal! 

  3. Communicate with us. We get it: things come up. But please notify us if something is not going to plan on your end. We know everyone has jobs and a life and we are here to make your online shopping experience the best it can possibly be. 

If any of the above steps are not followed by the customer, our LAG policy is VOID.

DELAYS: We pack for the worst. If there are delays through FedEx, we cover 2 business days of delays just in case something goes south. If the package is delayed, then our LAG policy is in effect as long as the steps of reporting the animals' health is followed. 

Note: All Invertebrate sizes are approximate but not always exact. We estimate the average size of each species we keep but do not have time to measure and log each specimen we keep. Thank you for understanding. - EU Team

Freebie Policy

For freebies can be chosen from our freebie page for qualifying orders as low as $50! Please note there are a few rules regarding freebies: 

  • Freebies are for invertebrate orders only (excluding isopods)

  • No more than 2 of the same species can be chosen for a single order

  • The total freebie "amount" must be met or exceeded by the order amount (Ex: To get two "$200 credit" freebies, the order would need to be/exceed $400)

  • Freebies and ANY promos MUST be added to your order from the website to qualify for them. This updates our inventory and makes it easier for our team to make sure your orders are accurate and up to date. 

Please reach contact us if you have any questions regarding freebies!


Customers may cancel their order as late as the day before we plan to ship your order. Cancelling orders adds labor time and costs, and may also prevent others from getting animals they have been searching for; for these reasons cancelled orders will incur a 10% restock fee, but this WILL be sent as store credit for a future purchase. 


Exotics Unlimited or any affiliated organizations do not assume any liability of damages or harm that may result from any living thing, product or item purchased from them at any time. While we love answering your questions and recommending species for you to enjoy, it is the customer's responsibility to do their own research on what they are purchasing and to prepare for any risk that may be associated with all things that may be purchased from us. Thank you for understanding. - EU Team


All photos used by EU are either taken by us or used with permission of the owner. Thank you for understanding. - EU Team

Common Concerns 

Follow these steps when unpacking your new pet! 

  1. Give them water. 

    • Stressed animals (especially invertebrates) will sometimes decrease activity when they are stressed from shipping. DO NOT assume they are dead, but still let us know if this is a concern of yours.

  2. Have your new cage ready.

    • We always suggest that you rehouse your new pets the least amount of times as possible. You want their new environment to be as pristine as possible to ensure they thrive for you!​

  3. Contact us as soon as possible with any concerns!

    • Contacting us is often the easiest way to resolve small problems in a quick manner! Let us know any and all concerns with your new pet within 2hrs of your order arrival to keep our LAG policy valid!


7/20/22- Restock fee is NOW store credit, update on replacement shipping, and general editing.