2" Metallic Vinyl Typhochlaena seladonia (Brazilian Jewel) Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Use

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The infamous Brazilian Jewel tarantula is a breath-taking dwarf species that has brought a new frontier to what was thought possible to exist with tarantulas.

This amazing species really is rainbow colored and has many amazing adaptations that make them as amazing as they are adorable.

The coloration of this tarantula really does have almost every color on the spectrum of visible light in all light conditions! This coloration is an adaptation to break up the body outline against natural surfaces, and more specifically to help them blend into the bark of the tree they are most commonly found on in nature.

This species is also known for being a dwarf (only reaching around 2.5" fully grown) and its hunting behavior where it camoflages a silk "cacoon" on tree bark and abushes any prey that walks by.

Such an amazing species should be shared with the world, and this accurate beautiful art was created so that even those without the ability to purchase and keep one of these rare 

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