(3 Pack) Eresus ruficapillus (Italian Velvet Spider) about 1/4" + 3 Habitats

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These spiders like dry conditions. We keep our slings in vials with only moss, and drip two drops of water week. Feed them crushed crickets in the web or flies once a week.

Species Details

The Specs

One of the most adorable spiders in existance, this amazing Italian species is a small species (reaching only 1.5" legspan) and females maintains a solid black appearance. Some localities of this species have some red and some speckles, but this is the picture is the one from the breeder (so we are using this one).

These specimens should be well started slings about 1/4"  legspan which is much bigger than their hatching size of about 1/16".

This is an arid species that catches food with its web and can take down surprisingly large prey. These do not come around often, so grab them while you can! 

Species Description
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