Avicularia geroldi (Royal Blue Pink Toe) about 1"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Avicularia Species: geroldi Type: Arboreal Temperment: Docile Endemic Location: Brazil Adult Size: 5" Urticating Hair: Unknown

Species Description

<p>Ever wanted a versicolor that didn't lose its blue? Look no futher!<br></p>
<p>The A. geroldi has had pink toe enthusiast drooling for decades over the colors leaving many keepers and collectors to believe it was a severly edited photo of a regular A. avicularia but this is NOT the case. The intense blue and jet black abdomen are the true colors of this stunning species. The blue can be more green in different lighting, but regardless it is just as stunning! This species is extremely rare in the hobby and is hard to come by from pure stock. Many species of Avicularia in the USA hobby are hybrids due to new species being identified, or recognized after many of the Avic species were brought into the USA (many of which as other species initially). These however are from freshly imported pure stock from breeders&nbsp;overseas meaning they are the REAL thing. The availability of these animals will dwindle and they wont be around long. There are very few species in the USA hobby that come close to this unique color combination and if you are looking for another gem in your collection, this is a great place to start!</p>

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