Chilobrachys sp. Aladdin (Blue Dream Earth Tiger) 0.5-0.75" FREE AFTER $200 SPENT

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With gorgeous blue legs, and a blue abdomen this species will be sure to take your Asian heavy webber collection to the next level. 

This stunning species really does break the mold for the Chilobrachys genus since most of them only have color under their bodies. The femurs, and abdomen of this species sport a gorgeous 

This species is different than Chilobrachys sp. South Thailand and is only found in a small area near a hotel called Aladdin (hence the name). They were discovered in the garden of this hotel, but also found in a small region near it. 

This coincidentally resembles some of the blue and orange coloration seen the in the Disney film, where the magic carpet features purple and orange colors. 

The first picture is the mother to the slings we have. 

Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Chilobrachys
Species: Aladdin
Type: Fossoral/Heavy Webber
Temperment: Defensive
Endemic Location: Thailand
Adult Size: 6"+

Species Description
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