Davus sp. 'panama' (Lava Tarantula) 0.25-0.5"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Davus Species: sp. 'Panama' Type: Terrestrial/Opportunistic Burrower Temperment: Docile Endemic Location: Panama Adult Size: 4"

Species Description

This colorful, slow growing dwarf is sure spark the fire of excitement for the next gem of your collection as it gets more red with each molt. By far the most red tarantula in the hobby, this is one species that pictures truly don't do justice to the glowing appearance they have in person. This species likes a little more humidity, but they are great eaters and fun to watch as they web and dig in the enclosure. Try keeping the humidity a little higher and you will see it surface more.Don't miss your chance to get this rarity today!

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