Deluxe Terrestrial Cube - 9.75"W x 9.75"L x 9.75"T

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Designed for tarantula keepers by tarantula keepers.

This line of caging was created by one of the largest breeders in Europe for his personal collection of breeders, and now is made available to you after many years of improvments to create the amazing looking (and functional) cages you see today.

We know, the design looks different, but it just works! These cages have helped him produce over 100 species of tarantulas - terrestrial, fossorial and arboreal.

The whole goal of this line was to make cages that were: affordable, appealing, light weight and most of all functional!

Species Details

The Specs

Natrual Aspiration Ventilation - no drilling for vents, or cutting holes needed

Easy Misting/ Watering Top - add moisture or mist effortlessly without disturbing your invertebrates!

Strong Magentic Top - to keep your invertebrates in without the jarring shitting action of acrylic doors that have magnets!

Lip Overhang - To stop skiddish species in their tracks

Species Description

Sleek Design:
Just look at them. WOW!

Made form a super clear polycarbonate material, these cages look like glass, but are about 10% (or less) the weight. No more cloudy or "almost" clear tubs so you only see tarantulas when you feed.

Polycarbonate ALSO does not crack when dropped, so you do not have to worry about shattering, breaking or cracking your cages from bumps or drops!

The shape is just different. Simple enough to look fancy, but not at the fancy price!

Light Weight:
Clear as glass, but 10% of the weight. This makes it easy to perform care and maintenance and to find shelving that will actually support the weight!

These cages are also created to fit in standard sizes of IKEA furniture so it is easy to find shelving!

Just Enough Ventilation:
No more super drying of your substrate will full screen mesh.

No more drilling or cutting holes for ventilation.

The natrual aspriation tops allow for just enough airflow. With this design cross ventilation just is not needed. It uses a principle called convection (warm air rises and cool air falls) to allow fresh air into the ecnlosure, without sucking all the humidity out! Just keep the cage free of mold, add a water dish, and you are good to go!

Easy Misting Access:
No more disturbing your tarnatulas to water. Now mist quickly, and easily to fill water dishes, add moisture to soil, or to mist sides of cages for arboreal species!

The concave lid easily catches any water outside of your misting target, so you can mist faster with less mess. OR if you need to add alot of water at once (to catch up on moisture or to simulate the rainy season) you can fill the top and let it trickle down like rain!!

Magnetic Lids:

No more jarring, banging, raddling lids. These lids are just strong enough to keep your animals in, but easy enough to pull apart so you get a smooth "locking" action every time.

It is time to change and upgrade how you keep your tarantulas! We are sure you will love these cages as much as we do :)

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