Dolichothele diamantinensis (Blue Dwarf Beauty) 1.5-2"

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Photo Cred: Creatures From the North

Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Dolichothele Species: diamantinensis Type: Dwarf/Heavy Webber Temperment: Defensive and fast Endemic Location: Brazil Adult Size: 3.5-3"

Species Description

No doubt the most consistently blue tarantula in the hobby for all you blue lovers out there.

This dwarf species is a heavy webber, and only gets about 3" max size!

Notes from Will:

This is one of my personal favorite species. This species to like "column" webbing where they kind of make a spiral of webbing upwards.

We keep them like arboreals and they fill all the open space with sheets of webbing, but they are not true arboreals.

Some people may think that these are fragile, but I have found keeping them with a little more airflow and plenty of anchor points (like a pink toe) is beneficial.

These are also really cool to raise since they have an amazing feeding response (take down HUGE prey), are heavy webbers and their blues show early!

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