Eresus walckenaeri 'Orange Ring' locale (Greek Velvet Spider) 1/8-1/4" (Fedex Pickup Only)

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One of the most adorable spiders in existance, this amazing Greek species is a small species (reaching only 1.5" legspan) and females maintains a solid black appearance with an orange ring on the abdomen, while mature males become a gorgeous red.
These specimens should be well started slings 1/8-1/4"  legspan, and but we wanted to be conservative just in case some of this batch are a tad samller. This is an arid species that catches food with its web and can take down surprisingly large prey. These do not come around often, so grab them while you can! 
This species can be kept in groups when they are smaller, but we suggest keeping seperate when larger. Keep the soil and moss dryer and crush crickets and place them in the web for the spider to scavenge on. Do not mist as they get most of the moisture from their food and it damages their web. 

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