Euathlus manicata "green" (Chilean Emerald Flame) 1-1.5”

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This green and red Chilean species is definitely unique. Green is very rare in tarantulas, and green and red is even more rare! 

This species will also have striping on the sides of the abdomen, and striping formed by the hair growth (not coloration) at the end of the abdomen. 

There are several color forms of the manicata and are location specific to Chilean regions. 

The slings across different localities will look similar, and develop differently than adults. 

Definitely unique species. Grab yours while they last!  

Pictured is Manicata green under bright led light, then a lesser intense light. Also depicted are sling photos! 

Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Euathlus
Species: manicata 'green'
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm and good beginner
Endemic Location: Chile
Adult Size: 4"

Species Description

This green gold Chilean species is definitely unique. The green-gold body and the red abdomen makes for a stunning display of nature. Get yours today while they last!

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