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The Specs

Genus: Brachypelma
Species: hamorii
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Docile
Endemic Location: Mexico
Adult Size: 5-6" 

Species Description

The most popular tarantula in the hobby today, the Mexican Red Knee is stunning docile species from Mexico that was one of the first captively kept and bred species in the tarantula hobby. This docile species is great for beginners and exhibits fantastic black and orange coloraition and a slow moving nature, whcih is perfect for those just starting out with tarantulas. 
There are 2 "main" species that share this name of the "Mexican Red Knee": B. hamorii and B. smithi. These both used to be B. smithi until they were seperated when different taxonomical features were found in speimens from different sides of a river in Mexico.
The seperation of this river gave rise to 2 different species that were nearly identical, but had a few differences. Typically in hamorii we can observe more orange coloration and a more black caripace. The true smithi tend to have slightly more red on their knees and less black on the caripace.
The two sepcies are nearly identical in every other way and even would be hard to distinguish side by side in person to the untrained eye. 
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