Heterometrus laoticus (Giant Forest Scorpions) about 1.5" Body


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Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Heterometrus
Species: laoticus
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm, can be defensive if provoked 
Endemic Location: Malaysia
Ecuador Adult Size: 5" Body

Species Description

A great beginner scorpion, this species of scorpion has been around in the hobby for several years. These captive bred specimens will do better than the more common wild caught adults more often seen in the hobby. 
This species get a gorgeous black coloration and a larger body length of 5". The venom of this species is comparable to a bee sting, so it is very mild.
We keep ours on coconut fiber and suggest adding a cork hide for a retreat and a shallow water dish. These do enjoy cooler temps so room temp is fine and the soil should be kept more wet than dusty dry. We use crickets for food. 

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