Idiothele mira (Bluefoot Trapdoor Baboon) 2-2.5” ADULT FEMALE


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Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Idiothele
Species: mira
Type: Fossorial/Dwarf
Temperment: Defensive
Endemic Location: South Africa
Adult Size: 3"

Species Description

This stunning African species is a real treat to keep for anyone looking for their next tarantula. This dwarf species of tarantula has an extra bulky build so it can excavate soil and create their burrows, which makes them extra adorable. This species is one of the few species of tarantula that makes true trapdoors with a hinge! Feeding time is extra fun since they will run out of the burrow and chase prey across the enclosure then return to their retreat. 
Photo Cred: Spider Shop

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