Holdback Release: Ornithoctoninae sp. 'Hana' (Blue Flame Earth Tiger) about 1"

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Pictured: Adult female under LED light taken by William West - Produced by Exotics Unlimited

First picture is just sunlight and no edits 


Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Ornithoctoninae
Species: sp Hana
Type: Terrestrial/Fossorial
Temperment: Fast and Defensive
Endemic Location: Asia
Adult Size: 3-3.5"

Species Description

Photos are the same animal one under an LED light and one in natural sunlight. Sunlight photo is what these will look like in most lighting.

The last 11 that will be available nationwide until produced again.

Yet ANOTHER USA first produced here at Exotics Unlimited. VERY limited supply! Slings are ready.
We are excited to debut a species that may not have even been offered here in the USA yet. This gorgeous species from Asia is among the most stunning "earth tigers" in the hobby and becomes more beautiful as it grows. Starting off brown with stripes, changing more orange with purple stripes into juvenile to subadult stage and eventually blue or purple as an adult depending on the lighting.

In natural sunlight and in most lighting you will see an stark orange and purple coloration on adults. The adults also reach a maximum of about 3 inches across, making this group in the dwarf tarantula category.

There is not anything like this group of earth tigers in the hobby.

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