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Genus: Pamphobeteus Species: solaris Type: Terrestrial Temperment: Defensive Endemic Location: Colombia Adult Size: 8"

Species Description

2-2.5"+ specimens available! Females and males are beautiful! One of the most sought after species in the hobby! One of the only Pamphobeteus species that both males and females are beautiful! The females will max out at about 8" and have an attitude to match. An interesting thing about this species is that they have spines on their rear legs that they will use for warding off predators and have an amazing feeding response. This species could easily take down small lizards, rodents and potentially birds if given the chance. They also can be territorial so proper care needs to be taken when handling this species.
NOTE: We dont advise you to feed vertbrates to your pet tarantula unless you are experienced because they can potentially hurt your pet.

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