Poecilotheria subfusca LOWLAND (Ivory Ornamental) 1-1.5" (NC SHIPPING ONLY)

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Photo cred: My Monsters

Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Poecilotheria
Species: subfusca 
Type: Arboreal
Temperment: Defensive and Fast
Endemic Location: Sri Lanka
Adult Size: 6"+

Species Description

The pinnacle of Poecilotheria? Some seem to think so. This gorgeous species is a dream for many of those who love colorful, old world, arboreal species. This darker coloration on this species give a pop to the ivory colored markings that cover the body and legs. In the light, this species even appears purple and can vary greatly from individual to individual!

Subfusca lowland tends to be a bit larger and lighter than the highland counterpart. A gorgeous rarity for sure. If you are in state, do not sleep on these!
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