Scolopendra sp. Malaysian Jewel "Highland" Centipede about 4"

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CB specimens of this species are fine at room temperature! Adult and juveniles depicted!

Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Scolopendra
Species: sp. Malaysian Jewel "Highland"
Type: Terrestiral/Opporutnistic burrower/Active sp.
Temperment: Curious, defensive and nervous
Endemic Location: Malaysia (Cooler climates)
Adult Size: 6"

Species Description

**CBB Plings are significantly tougher and healthier than WC specimens. This species does not need refrigerators/coolers like their WC counterparts, but do enjoy cooler temps (Less than 78F)
Tired of old, average colored centipedes? Want something that can really bring that wow factor to your collection? Look not further. The highland Malaysian Jewel is possibly the most sought after and beautiful centipede in existence. There is nothing that compares. With bright blue legs in the front and rear, a silky black body, and bright red legs along the rest of the body, this pede is a show stopper and is super hard to beat. Even more rare is the opportunity to get captive bred plings!! These guys will be available and WILL go fast. Very limited so get them while they last!

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