Xenesthis sp. Blue (Powder Blue & Orange Bird Eater) 2-2.5"

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Pictured: Adult Female in natural sunlight taken by William West (Co-founder)

Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Xenesthis
Species: sp Blue
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm, but skiddish when frightened
Endemic Location: Colombia
Adult Size: 8"

Species Description

Argueably the most beautiful of the genus, the X. sp blue is an awesome specimen for those that love size and color!

This species reaches about 8" in size and sports blue femurs with a orange-pink caripace on both males and females!!

Many Xenesthis species have been documented taking down birds, rats and snakes on the forest floor; they only leave a few bones behind when they are done. 

This species is not like others in the genus, most of which are variations of black and pink. Get this awesome giant today!

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