Xenesthis sp. 'Megascopula' 2-2.5"

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The Xenesthis sp. megascopula is a rare terrestrial South American giant species that combines color and size into one species. 

With an impressive 8" adult legspan, this would be considered a giant or "Bird Eating" species, and it is even cooler that they are super colorful. 

The males feature a stunning bright pink body and legs, while the females still feature gorgeous pink highlights all over the carapace, body and legs. 

The name 'megascopula' comes from an enlargened section of the tarantula's anatomy on the legs called the scopula referring to the last two section of the legs. If you look closely, you can see the hind legs enlargened at the last two sections hence the name. 

The first picture is a mature male and the second is an adult female. 

Either way you cannot go wrong, since they are both gorgeous and due to their very large size even males can take 4 or 5 years to mature! 

Grab your South American jewel of a giant today! 





Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Xenesthis
Species: sp. 'Megascopula'
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm, but skiddish when frightened
Endemic Location: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru
Adult Size: 8"

Species Description
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