Xenesthis sp white lowland (Giant Local) 2"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Xenesthis
Species: sp White
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm, but skiddish when frightened
Endemic Location: Colombia
Adult Size: 8"

Species Description

This colorful tarantula is a great bird eater species for those that are looking for a large spider that is a great display animal. Reaching a size of over 8" this tarantula has a great feeding response and a fast growth rate, so it is extra fun to keep and raise. The females have a darker coloration with hot pink highlights and pink toes, while the males have a coat of neon pink and purple. Either way you cant go wrong with this species if your goal is big and colorful. They are not necessarily aggressive, but they are nutorious for flicking urticating hairs. To combat this, it is best to keep these animals at about 65-75 degrees F. so that they aren't as agitated and won't flick hairs as much. 

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