Ybyrapora sooretama (Amazon Purple Sapphire) 0.5"

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Species Details

The Specs

Species: diversipes
Type: Arbroeal/Heavy Webber
Temperment: Defensive/Can squirt poop
Endemic Location: Peru
Adult Size: 4-4.5"

Species Description

We were lucky enough to find a domestic hobbyist that produced an entire sack of these!!
This mystical species is a very rare treat. If you love avicularinae (arboreal fluffy tarantulas) then you will like these. This species exhibits more purples, and oranges than its cousin the Y. diversipes. You can expect heavy webbing behavior and gorgeous coloration as they grow! Juveniles exhibut a bright pink strip on the abdomen and gorgrous greens and blues which turns into a unique orange and black striping pattern on the abdomen and a purple body as adults.
Check out our care sheet on arboreals for recommended setup!

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