Things to Know

What we are About

Here at EU it is our mission to spread the love of animals to others so they can discover their new passion, or become even more excited about something new they learned through us! We are hobbyists at heart and we want to make the experience of other keepers the best it can be!


It is this reason that we work hard to make sure that our customers have the best experience possible when shopping online! We understand that it can be intimidating making that first purchase online and waiting on it to be shipped but WE are here to make your first or hundredth shipment as smooth as it can be regardless of bad weather, delays, and high shipping volumes. 

At EU we view everyone as a teammate. Whether that is our employees, customers, or the random hobbyists at expos that want to talk about anything exotic, we strive to make people feel valued and heard. When dealing with us, you can count on us having your animal's best interest at heart, as well as yours. Ask anyone that has ordered from us, and we are sure they will say the same. (Check our reviews on Facebook :] )

We are an animal dealer because it is our passion and, in fact, all founders of EU work full time jobs outside of running this business. Is this an excuse for sub par service? Absolutely not! We work many late nights and early mornings to make sure that you guys get what you deserve: a purchasing experience that is smooth as possible. Just know that if we aren't responding to you right away (or within the hour) we are doing something important, or simply did not see your message (we are human too (: ). Will there be challenges to work through together along the way like bad weather, delays and extreme conditions? Sure. But that is what we are here to work with you through. 

Shipping Schedule & Info

After you place your order and are bubbling with excitement, you will notice an order confirmation in your inbox. If you don't see one, check your spam folder and respond to the email with a simple message like "received" so that your email provider will put the email in your main inbox!

Before we send every shipment, we always confirm that the shipping date works for you. We send these confirmation messages through SMS (Text Message) so please make sure that you have the correct cell number on your order, or indicate that you don't have a cell phone so we can email you updates instead. NOTE: Orders made on Sunday or later in the week will be pushed to the next week so we have time to reach out to you and make a schedule for you

After you confirm your shipment date and your package is shipped, you will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking number and the address that your package is going to. If you package is going to a FedEx or USPS shipping facility DON'T worry! We always edit the shipping address to whatever location we are shipping to so you know where to go to get your animal! We are also packing all day on most shipping days, so we typically send out your shipping confirmation later in the evening. Assume that if we haven't told you we can't get your order out for some reason, that we are still shipping it out :)

To summarize, you will get 3 updates from us when ordering: 

  1. Order Confirmation

  2. Message to Confirm Ship Date

  3. Shipping Confirmation

We love feedback and encourage people to give us reviews, but of course it is not required. We always are open to suggestions from our customers for how we can make their experience even better!

Shipping Options

We offer 3 different shipping options at checkout. 

Option 1: Local overnight (now also isopod overnight) - select this option if you are in NC. This option around $25 is overnight shipping, but only for these local states.

Option 2: Overnight Nation Wide Shipping - This option is for all other states (Except Alaska and Hawaii) and is also FedEx overnight. This estimator is calibrated to give our quotes from FedEx. This Ranges from $40-$60 typically. 

Option 3: Local Pickup/Order Add on - We do offer local pickup, but require a few days notice so we can make sure we are available. Also use this option for if you would like to make an additional order to be shipped with a previous order!

Multiple Orders

Sometimes customers will make multiple orders before their order is shipped! We can fit virtually unlimited slings in your box with the same shipping rate so if you would like to make another order select "Add onto previous order" at checkout and you won't be charged an additional shipping fee! Juveniles and adults may have additional shipping charges if we can't fit the number you ordered in the box! If this is the case, we will reach out to you, and let you know the difference in shipping.