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Shipping Schedule & Info

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We ship via overnight shipping on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

We ship these days to avoid shipping delays from Mondays and to prevent your animals sitting over the weekend if packages for Friday delivery are delayed. 


After you place your order and are bubbling with excitement, you will get two automated emails: one as an order confirmation and one as a scheduling request. If you don't see these emails, check your spam folder and respond to the email with a simple message like "received" and mark "not as spam" so that you get our emails in the future. 


The scheduling email has two surveys asking you how you would like your order ship or what day you would like to pickup at our office. We ask the days that work best for you for most weeks so it makes scheduling easier for us and you. In this email, we include a link so you can find your nearest fedex facility that accepts live animals since NOT ALL FedEx faciltiies accept live shipments.  IF WE DO NOT GET A RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL WE CANNOT SHIP THE ORDER.


You should will get a text message reminding you to check your emails so we can schedule your order for the week. NOTE: Orders made after SUNDAY MIDNIGHT will go to the following week. 

After your order ships you will get TWO emails: One from us with tracking info, and one from FedEx with tracking info. We do this as a failsafe, but if you know your package was supposed to be sent, and you do not have your tracking or something is wrong for the address PLEASE ASK ASAP so we can clarify things. If we do not hear anything, we assume everything is okay. 

To summarize, you will get 3 updates from us when ordering: 

  1. Order Confirmation & Scheduling Request Emails

  2. Email from FedEx with tracking info when we make your label

  3. Email from us clarifying your order has shipped. 

We love feedback and encourage people to give us reviews, but of course it is not required. We always are open to suggestions from our customers for how we can make their experience even better!

Shipping Options

We only ship via FedEx Priority overnight and have flat rate options for each state. These rates ARE flat rate for each state and we ONLY charge what FedEx charges us for the overnight shipping charge to you.


We work hard to keep rates competetive and do not include charges for our normal packing materials or shipping to you unless there is excessive distance from FedEx to your home that causes a drastic increase in the shipping charge. 

*Note: "Overnight Shipping" Means that your pets will only spend one night in shipping, not that your pets will ship the same day. It is important to plan for delays as they are always possible. We recommend Fedex Facility pickup since it reduces your wait time (and helps reduce the amount of time animals remain in packaging).


**We do not refund shipping in any capcity after the order has been shipped, even if there are delays in your order**

Multiple Orders

Sometimes customers will make multiple orders before their order is shipped! Just select the "Order Add On" option for your shipping method and we will combine the orders for you. 

If for some reason your order cannot fit safely in our standard size boxes, then we will reach out and let you know!

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