Xenesthis sp. "Tenebris" (Monstrosa locatlity) 2.5-3"


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The Specs

Genus: Xenesthis Species: immanis Type: Terrestrial Temperment: Calm, but skiddish when frightened Endemic Location: Colombia Adult Size: 8"

Species Description

The bright pink coloration on the X. tenebris/monstrosa large size and active nature is what make this species so sought after for keepers seeking impressive display tarantulas. It is popular for keepers to create bioactive large bioactive enclosures with live plants and insects as this species will utilize a large area if the enclosure allows for it in captivity. 

This large colorful genus of tarantulas are considered by many to be the "Bugatti of Bird Eaters" due to both the males and females of evert species exhibiting bright pink highlights when they mature. The term "Bird Eater" is an overarching term for tarantulas over 6.5" at max size, and most species in the Xenesthis genus reach a max size of 8" or more. There are several other genera that are considered bird eaters but among the most popular are Theraphosa (the goliath bird eaters) and Pamphobeteus. 

Xenethis are by far the most colorful of the "bird eater tarantulas" and both males and females of this genus are colorful so the adult specimen of either sex will be fun to grow. Scientist have observed Xenesthis species carrying around rats, mice, lizards, snakes and birds meaning vertebrate feedings are possible with this species, but should be watched carefully. 

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