A New Era of Caging

We partnered with Tarantula Room Enclosures to bring you the revolutionary new line of crystal clear cages, designed with your small pet friends in mind! What makes these cages so special, you ask? Let us break it down for you:

💎 Long Lasting Polycarbonate - no more temporary acrylic cages

Acrylic fades chemically after a couple years exposure to moisture, leading to what is essentially temporary displays for your tarantulas.

It is quite arguably the biggest scam sold to the American hobby.

Lets be better :)

Keep your cages clear, and functional for many many years to come!

🥂 Shatter & Crack Proof

No shattering or cracking means celebration!

Nothing is worse than dropping that new cage and chipping off a corner, or causing a big ugly crack to form.

These polycarbonate cages will not crack, shatter or deform (unless you literally melt them).

🪟 Ultra Clear Viewing - More clear than Glass and Acrylic

The thin polycarbonate walls are strong enough to provide strength, while maintaining a super clear window to see your pet.

Glass and acrylic has to be thicker to be structurally sound due to brittle nature which can affect viewing.

💨 Ample Top Ventilation = Over 400 Drilled 1/8" Holes

No need for cross ventilation here! Our cages are optimized for environments with 40-60% humidity, reducing the need for constant misting.

Each top vent has the surface area equivalent to over 400 holes with a 1/8" diameter.

For reference, the same size acrylic cages have only about 200 drilled 1/8" holes!

🛡️ Powder Coated Stainless Steel Ventilation

Strength meets safety with our polished vents, providing robust airflow without risking your pet's delicate feet.

🛑 Escape Prevention Lip

Stop darty animals in their tracks with the escape prevention edge overhang!

🪶 Lightweight Design : 20% Weight of Acrylic

Shedding the burden of heavy acrylic or glass cages, our lightweight design opens up a world of shelving possibilities without sacrificing durability.

The ultra clear polycarbonate material is 10-20% the weight of the comparable acrylic cage, and much lighter than glass!

🧲 Smooth & Strong Magnetic Lids

Closing and opening cages shouldn't feel like a wrestling match. Our smooth yet sturdy magnets ensure easy access without disturbing tarantulas, even those with precious egg sacs.

🌅 Light Filtering Tops - Simulate Dawn/Dusk

The light filtering tops immitate dusk and dawn, which is a very active time for many species of animals! That means you get to see your tarantulas, geckos, snakes and frogs more!

🔒 No Gaps Keeps Babies In!

Breed animals that come out small like micro geckos, roaches, or tarantulas? No problem.

Designed with breeders in mind, our vents keep babies contained, allowing mothers to nurture their offspring stress-free.

The holes in the steel vents are about 1/16" so it can keep in almost any babies you have!

♻️ Handmade in the UK - Support Brands with Ethical Production Methods

Almost every major acrylic brand in the world takes products made in China, slaps a logo on their and calls it their own.

Many Chinese factories fail terribly in ethics where people are forced to work in terrible conditions, and on wages that they can barely live off of.

We aim to be better.

We partnered with Tarantula Room to bring you quality enclosures and the wholesome mission of improving the keeping experience for all types of animals, especially for tarantulas.

🏡 Modern Look and Feel

Sleek edges and a contemporary design ensure that these cages not only keep your tarantulas safe but also elevate the aesthetic of your space. No more scratched surfaces or clumsy moves during maintenance!

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