The (not so) fun part: the rules.

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Shipping Policy

**Orders must be over $50 to checkout and to ship!


You must agree to our terms at checkout. These terms must be followed in order for us to uphold our obligation to providing you happy and healthy animals. These terms are to protect the pets we send you, and violating these terms is considered direct disrepect and disregard for value of life, which is not tolerated here. 

Here at EU, our Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is 100% alive guarantee. We prepare for the worst when shipping to give you guys peace of mind when ordering online. 

Carrier delays cause issue with your package? Our LAG covers it​

Carrier damaged your package and cause complication? No worries our LAG covers that too

Carrier lost your package? Yes, our LAG covers that too. 

 In the rare and unfortunate event that you open your package and there is a dead on arrival (DOA), or if you just notice something off, please take the following steps:

​1. Please contact us within 30 minutes (home/office delivery), or within 2 hours of arrival (Fedex center pickup)​ with clear pictures or video evidence 

​2. In the event you notice something wrong about your new pet, contact us immediately, so we have a chance to assist you. Do not wait to contact us hoping any symptoms will subside. 

​3. Make sure to give all animals water upon arrival. Shipping can dehydrate your animals and make them stressed. Keeping them hydrated is the first step to making sure they settle in to their new home.



Issues must be reported within 2 hours of when the packages are ready for pickup at the facility (typically 9am local time). This means the animals MUST be picked up, unpacked into enclosures, and issues reported in less than 2 hours after arrival. After this time frame, the LAG guarantee is VOIDED. 


Issues must be reported within 30 minutes of when the packages are delivered (watch your tracking so you are ready for arrival). This means the animals MUST be unpacked into enclosures, and issues reported within 30 minutes of being delivered. After this time frame the LAG policy is VOIDED. 


If any of the above steps are not followed by the customer, our LAG policy is VOID (no longer valid).​

**OUR LAG covers your animals' health, NOT shipping expense. We do not refund shipping expenses in the event of delays.**


For local pickup at shows or our office, as soon as the animals are in your hands, our LAG has been completed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pets are safe during your travels AND to ask questions if you have any at all. 

We inspect EVERY animal before we pass them into your possession at shows or from our office and we DO NOT cover mistakes made while the animals are in your possession that can harm your new pet after they leave our possession. 

Refund policy

Customers may cancel their order as late as the day before we plan to ship your order.

Cancelling orders adds labor time and costs, and may also prevent others from getting animals they have been searching for.

While we do NOT have a cancellation fee, we do retain $15 or 15% (whichever is greater) and send this back to you as a store credit code so you can use it at a later date. The remaining part of the order is sent back to the source that was used to pay the order.

**All our online payment methods automatically take 3% that is nonrecoverable, so this is deducted from all refunds**

Orders cannot be cancelled on shipping day or only store credit (100% store credit) will be issued for the entire order to the customer via a coupon code to be used in the future. 

Orders that are shipped out and never picked up by the customer after 5 business days are returned to us by FedEx. If the customer fails to pickup the order in time, and it is sent back to us, then the customer will receive no refund or store credit for the order that was never picked up. 

**By sending us payment, you are agreeing to and indicating that you have read these terms, even though you must agree to terms online before you order.**

Terms of Service

Terms must be agreed to at checkout before you place your order.

By sending payment to Exotics Unlimited, you are agreeing to any and all policies we have.

Delays MAY occur in shipping due to factors outside of our control (like weather, overloaded FedEx system or natural disasters across the country).

Note that our goal is to get your order out as soon as possible, but we ONLY do it safely. Our concern is making sure the animals get to you safely first. Afterall, these are not inanimate objects we are shipping but LIVING animals.

Being rude and unorderly to our staff is also not tolerated at all. We do not allow our staff to endure abuse at work. We ask that you remain professional at all times when dealing with any of our team members, or we will politely ask that you do not shop with us. We are not unreasonable and are ALWAYS working for your best interest :)

Attempts at scamming through cancelling cards, or filing falsified disputes means we will automatic cease further business with you.

Freebie Policy - How does it work?

You are responsible for adding your own freebies to your order. If you forgot to add your freebies, please refer to the tab for how to add freebies.

To qualify for multiple freebies:

1. Add the required amounts for each item up.

2. Spend this amount (before shipping) for you to qualify for those freebies. 

3. MAX of only ONE of each different freebie allowed per box

4. The more you spend, the more freebies you get! 

EXAMPLE: Spend $300 in store (before shipping), qualify for freebies that ADD to 300. ​

Example: You spend $300, but use a 10% off coupon, your new freebie credit is now $270. You can add an item in the $100 bracket and one from the $150 bracket (or any combo that does not surpass $270)

Example: If you spend $199 before shipping, you will not qualify for a freebie that is for orders of $200+. You MUST spend 200 or more to get freebies in the $200+ bracket

**If you add freebies that you do not qualify for, then they will be removed from your invoice by our shipping team. We do NOT automatically add freebies to your order

**If you forget to add your freebies, you MUST make another order to add them; you CAN use the total credit of all your orders to qualify for more freebies.

What if I forgot my freebies ?!?!

If you forget your freebies, then you WILL have to make an additonal order with the FREE order add on option at checkout and meet the order minimum amount ($50) to make the ammendment.

That does mean you will have to add $50 in items to your order, and freebies in order to add missed freebies. Requesting freebies is a very time consuming endeavor and we do this so you can make additions to your order any time!

Thank you for understanding! - EU Team

How do I make an order addition so I am not charged for shipping twice?

We give UNLIMITED FREE animal order additons after you pay for shipping on for your box! **applies to animals and not cages since they take up alot of space**

This means that when you make your first order, and you pay for shipping, you can add onto your order for no extra shipping charge and without contacting our team.

You can easily make an order addition to your order by making an order as normal, going to checkout and selecting the FREE order addition option.

Thanks for understanding. - Will

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. Alot of them.

Choose between the most common questions we get here at EU to make your journey with us a bit easier (for both of us) :}

What is the order process with Exotics Unlimited like?


1. You place your order

2. You receive your order confirmation after your order is placed

3. You fill out the shipping scheduling survey to let us know what day and location works for you to receive.

4. Our team will email you on the next Monday (1-5 business days later) to confirm the day and location of your order.

5. We make your FedEx label and your tracking and delivery destination is sent to you from Fedex automatically.

6. We ship your order and add your tracking number. Fedex and Shopify will send updates on delivery status.

7. If there are no delays, your order will arrive on the requested day you have chosen!

Detailed process:

Step 1: When you order, make sure to pay for shipping, select the order add on option, or indicate that you want to pick up at an expo specific expo.

Step 2: After we receive full payment, you will get a confirmation for your order; these are sent to every customer 100% of the time automatically regardless of subscription status (unless the email was typed wrong).

Please locate this email immediately and mark it as "not spam" if this is your first time ordering with us so you will get future updates from our team. First timers check your "spam" and "all inboxes" folders in your email around the time you ordered (it will be sent almost immediately after you place and pay for your order).

After you check your "Spam" and "All Inboxes" folders and you still do not have an order confirmation, please message our team.

Step 3: In the confirmation email there is a button that you click to fill our "Shipping Scheduling Survey"; this is linked to a Google survey . Choose the days that you are most likely available for receving your order. We use this survey as your permission to ship on these days the week your order will ship.

Step 4: Our team will email you (from exoticsunlimitedusa@gmail.com) on the next Monday (1-5 business days) after you place your order to let you know the day and location that we have scheduled your order based on your sruvey responses.

We will also let you know on this day if we have not received a response to our shipping survey, which we MUST have before we ship.

Respond to this email if you need to make changes for the day, or delivery destination of your order.

Step 5: We make labels on Mondays typically, but no later than the day before your order is scheduled to ship (unless you have made last minute changes).

After we make your label, your tracking number is sent to your email that we have on file for your account automatically from Fedex. If you do not get emails often from FedEx these emails can land in the "Promotions", "All Inbox", or "Spam" folders. This email will have your tracking number and the location your order will arrive.

This is another opportunity for you to double check shipping details and let us know if anything needs to be changed with dates or locations.

Step 6: After we ship, we add tracking to your order, and you will get updates from both our website and FedEx automatically via email (or Shop App) for the status of your package.

Step 7: If no delays occur from FedEx’s end, then you should have your order on the desired day you have chosen!

Things to keep in Mind:

Since you already confirm the days that work for you, you only need to reach out if for some reason the scheduled arrival day does not work.

We work hard and rely on our processes to make sure everything is correct 100% of the time, but we are human, too, and can make mistakes.

We rely on you guys to watch for emails, and let us know if something is not right. That includes special requests, specific locations, and special cases for your order.

If you have a special case for your order (like extra freebies or anything out of our normal process) please specify this in the notes of your order!

When will my order ship if I order today?

Orders are scheduled every Monday for shipping on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you want your order to be shipped the same week, the order has to be placed by Sunday 11:59pm or before our shipping schedule fills up for the week.

Orders are shipped in the same sequence they are received based on the first order (as long as weather permits). Most weeks our shipping schedule is completely filled before Sunday night, so it is best to order sooner than later.

This is NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES. If your weather is not safe to ship your animals, then we do not ship!!

DO NOT ASSUME we are shipping until you get a confirmation email from our team stating your order has been scheduled!

What should I do when I receive my animals?

Before you receive your new pet(s), it is best to have their enclosure(s) set up, and at the correct temperatures so your unpacking experience is better for you and your new pet.

Here is a list of things you should do when you first receive your package (from FedEx pickup or home delivery):

1. Unpack the animals as soon as possible

2. Give your new pet water

3. Report any concerns you have as soon as you notice something is not quite right. (We have very few issues with shipping, but letting us know asap allows us to minimize small issues and prevent them from becoming bigger ones.)

4. Monitor your new pet closely for the next 24 hours.

**Feel free to send us update pictures later on, or post pictures and tag us on our socials! We LOVE to see you succeed with your new animals from us :)

Can I get my package sent to my house?

The short answer is yes, BUT there are VERY specific crtieria needed for this.

Since we value the lives of the animals over our own convenience, we always pickup our own packages at local Fedex Facilities.

It is now our standard to ship for Local FedEx Facility Pickup.

Advantages to Fedex pickup: 

  1. You ALWAYS (100% of the time) will be able to get your package earlier in the day than home delivery since packages have to go to these facilities before being put on a truck and driven to your house (Packages are typically ready for pickup at FedEx facilites by 9am)
  2.  We SHIP your orders out faster since it is so much safer for the animals to pick up at the FedEx facility.
  3. These facilities are always temperature controlled (Fedex delivery trucks are not). This means we can safely ship in more extreme temperatures. 
  4. Fedex delivery personnel are not trained for live animals, so your package may be exposed to unsafe conditions.
  5. You have a 2 hour issue reporting window for FedEx facility pickup (instead of 30 minutes for home delivery) 
  6. If you have trouble making the trip to the facility you can have a friend or family member pick up your package for you! (Please add the receivers name, or send us an email and we can add then as an approved receiver)

Criteria for home delivery:

1. Your nearest facility that accepts live animals is over 30 miles from you. (Check Redline FedEx Finder in FAQ)

2. High/low temperatures near you must not be above 80°F or below 40°F between the time we ship and 10pm near you on the day of delivery in case there are delays.

3. The order must be below $400 value.

4. The order cannot contain items we consider rare or fragile. Some of the species we carry are so rare, that it hard to replace them. For that reason, some items we only ship for pickup at FedEx facilities. (This will be indicated at checkout as well).

5. You MUST be available to receive the package and open it within 30 minutes. Sometimes packages do not arrive until 5pm or later, so you will be expected to be at your home, or have someone at your home all day until the package arrives so the animals can be unpacked properly and as soon as possible. 

How does shipping live animals work?

When we ship out your order, Fedex takes the package and sends it to a FedEx HUB center where it is sorted into the correct cargo container. 

From here, it is then sent to your nearest FedEx Facility location. If you have your package held for pickup, it stops here. If you want home delivery (and weather permits), then the package is then put on a truck and sent to your door. 

Because of this complicated process, delays can easily occur if any part of the USA is affected by bad weather or a natural disaster; this does include if the natural disaster is across the country. There are scattered FedEx HUBS across the USA, so your package could go through any one of those based on what the FedEx system determines is the most efficient route. 

We use FedEx overnight shipping for ALL of the animals we ship to you, because it is currently the best service for shipping live animals.  However, this does NOT mean that when you order, you will get your animals the next day. It only means the animals will spend only one night in transit when we ship. 

FedEx Facility pickup is the safest option for delivering your pets to you since it cuts out the “last leg” of the journey making it faster, safer and more consistent for those with bust schedules (almost always ready by 9am). Not ALL facilities accept live animals, so use the FedEx finder to see which one is closest to you! 

Find my nearest FedEx Center that accepts live animals!!!

Did you know not all FedEx facilities accept live animal packages?

Use the FedEx Finder below and insert your zip code to find the closest FedEx facilties near you that accept live animal packages!

Redline Fedex Finder

What makes Exotics Unlimited from other exotic animal stores?

What makes Exotics Unlimited stand out?

The founders of Exotics Unlimited are hard core animal enthusiasts and have been this way from childhood (well over 2 decades ago).

We are here to serve passionate keepers, and give people an opportunity to keep, enjoy and succeed with the animals that have captivated us, so we can share them with you.

We take a hands on, quality over quantity approach to all that we keep, and are here to do things "the right way" (TRW) . We apply TRW approach to all facets of our brand from keeping our animals to our customer service.

We stick to what we know, so if you're searching for a store that:

  1. Maintains rare animals with proper care.
  2. Offers incredible value through the most competitive rewards program in the USA.
  3. Provides A+ support that ensures your success 100% of the time.

Then you're in the right place.

Are we the best? We will just let you decide.

Loyalty Points & How they work.

For every $10 spent on tarantulas, you earn $1 (10%) worth of points as a rebate to be used on your next order.

With these points you can buy coupons to be used on invertebrate orders in the future. 

Example: Your order is $200 before shipping. You earn $20 worth of points to be used in the future. 

If you want to use ALL of your points at once then you spend your points on a $20 coupon from the rewards center for your next order of $200+ (so you are getting potentially 10% off). 

Say your second order is $225 before shipping, and you used your previous coupon of $20. 

You added $225, you pay $205 and then you get $20.50 worth of points for your next order. 

Essentially this is a 10% rebate program, where you are constantly getting 10% back to be used on your next order AND FREEBIES!!

**See a more detailed explanation of freebies on the freebie tab. **

What would cause my order to be delayed?

There are a few ways that your order can be delayed.

1. Not selecting the correct shipping option. - When we have to invoice you for shipping your order goes to the back of the line and may be pushed to the following week.

2. Not completing the shipping survey - make sure to complete the survey that is in your order confirmation so we know what day you can receive!

3. Inclimate weather - sometimes there are bad storms that affect only one part of the country, but have lasting effects on the rest of the FedEx system due to heavier traffic at airports. We call this the ripple affect, and rely on our shipping partners at Redline Shipping to let us know when it is safe or not to ship!

4. Late Order Additons - If order additons are placed too late, it may cause your order to be delayed OR mean you have to pay shipping on your order additon. Make sure to have additions in no later than 12 NOON EST Sunday

5. Too cold/hot - if it happens to be too cold or hot for your area on the day you indicate you can receive, we do not ship. That means 20F-100F for FedEx hub delivery and 45-80F for home delivery.

NEW VIP Program

VIP will get our maximum discounts, early access to rare species, new discounts and more.

REMEMBER - even if you are NOT VIP you STILL get 10% off with every order using loyalty points and any seasonal promotions!!

We have 3 tiers to the VIP program based off of lifetime spend with us.

VIP Tier 1 ($1000+ Lifetime Spend) - 11% off every order with code

Gold VIP ($2000+ LIfetime Spend) - 12% off every order with special code

Platinum VIP ($4000+ Lifetime Spend) - 15% off every order with special code

These codes apply only to regular tarantulas and invertebrates on the "All Tarantulas & Invertebrates" page.

Keep in mind, this is for LIFETIME spend, so coming back continuously is the best way to be automatically added to these brackets.

Log into your account and see your lifetime spend!