Our Story

What makes Exotics Unlimited stand out?

The founders of Exotics Unlimited are hard core animal enthusiasts and have been this way from childhood (over 2 decades ago).

We are here to serve passionate keepers, and give people an opportunity to keep, enjoy and succeed with the animals that have captivated us, so we can share them with you.

We take a hands on, quality over quantity approach to all that we keep, and are here to do things "the right way" (TRW) . We apply TRW approach to all facets of our brand from keeping our animals to our customer service.

We stick to what we know, so if you're searching for a store that:

  • Maintains rare animals with proper care.
  • Offers incredible value through the most competitive rewards program in the USA.
  • Provides A+ support that ensures your success 100% of the time.

Then you're in the right place.

Are we the best? We will just let you decide.

Tarantulas & Lizard Manager


Hey there guys. My name is William and I am one of the co-founders of Exotics Unlimited. I manage all things tarantula and lizard related here at EU.

I remember my very first pet at about 5 years old: a rose hair tarantula (Grammastola porteri at the time). Soon thereafter, I convinced my parents to let me get a leopard gecko, leading to many many other pets over the years.

I loved watching these animals, and for the animals I could not keep I would watch on documentaries on Discovery Channel and Animal planet, so you can definitely say I was an animal NERD!! I was just obsessed, and learned so many animal names and often studied nature in my free time.

When I moved out, I finally was able to begin keeping the more exotic tarantulas, and my first "colorful" species was a Green Bottle Blue, and after that I was HOOKED. I loved tarantulas even more after I was able to keep the "cool" ones that were colorful and webbed.

By this time, my cousin (Trenton) started keeping snakes again, and after many months of planning (and ALOT of saving money), Exotics Unlimited was born.

After many sleepless nights, and long hours of feeding tarantulas on the weekends, we have slowly worked up to the amazing team and brand you know today.

For both of us, being able to work with the animals we do is an absolute dream, and it is very amazing to me that this dream my cousin had over 2 decades ago is has become a reality!

Thank you everyone for your support and allowing us to live out my lifelong dream! - Will

Snake Manager


Hey everyone. My name is Trenton and I am also a co-founder of EU. I manage all of the serpent projects here at EU, and answer all of your questions online about everything concerning snakes.

I oversee the many serpent projects we have going on including: sand boas, garter snakes, hog noses, pythons, king snakes,milk snakes and other colubrids.

I have met so many of you at shows so far, and I look forward to meeting many new faces at our next expo.

 We have had such a great season so far, and there is alot more in store for 2023 so stay tuned. Thank you for all of your continued support and allowing us to do what we love every day! - Trenton