Ornithoctoninae sp. Hon-sej (Blue Blaze Tarantula) 0.75-1" LIMITED TIME SALE

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This dwarf species from Vietnam has thought to be super edited and not real since it was brought into the USA hobby in 2018, but I can tell you it is! 

This species features an amazing orange and blue coloration that gets more intense with age (starting to come in at about 1.5" legspan). 

The blue on the carapace and abdomen will expand and intensify until they reach max size at about 3.5". 

I (William the cofounder) have been working with these perhaps longer than any relevant dealer in the USA and have extensive experience with the other 3 species asa well.

Both males and females will feature this amazing orange and blue coloration. This young female will contiue to color up in the first photo, the second photo is her molt after the first. 

On their very last molt males will lose color, but in the multple generations I have raised it takes males about 2.5 years to mature, but could be faster with more constant feedings. 

Adult female 2.5" nearly fully colored up in first photo (has some growing to do) and juvenile in natural sunlight in second photo (about 2"). Same animal and one molt difference!

Truely an amazing species and definitely in the top 3 most stunning species in the hobby for me (definitely THE MOST GORGEOUS Asian terrestrial in existence imo)

These do make multiple burrows into the ground, but I notice my many holdback specimens out and have noticed that when given the space these will chase prey a good ways out of the burrow so they are not as reclusive as other fossorial species. 

Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Undescribed
Species: sp Hon-Sej
Type: Fossorial Temperment: Fast and can be defensive Endemic
Location: Asia (Unknown) Adult Size: 3.5"+
*We are one of the few people in the USA to have worked with adults of this amazing species. They really look like this in person and are smaller species. For more questions let us know as we have hands on experience :)

Species Description

This beautiful fossorial species is a must have for any hobbyist or collector. They dig a series of tunnels often with 2 or more entrances and have a great feeding response! The high contrast iridescent blue on its carapace and abdomen with a yellow-orange body makes for a stunning species when viewed during feeding time. Get yours today!

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