4" Vinyl Tree Monitor Stickers - Waterproof & UV Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Use


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4" wide stickers that are waterproof, UV resistant and for indoor and outdoor use. 

Tree monitors are considered to be among the most beautuful and intelligent reptiles in the world, even among other varanids. 

This group of lizards is highly intelligent and truly do have personalities and preferances of food, some individuals only want one type of insect while others will eat anything that moves, adn they are truely a pleasure to work with. These animals are highly aware of their surroundings and recognize their owners. They are also inelligent enough to remember if you do something that startles them, leaving them to "hold a grudge" until you can earn their trust again. Working with these animals is to build a relationship with them. CBB specimens tend to be more trusting and will even learn to "enjoy" human attention. Their smaller size (up yo 18" body) makes them more manageable than other monitor species as well. 

Beyond the amazing colors, this group of lizards highly adapted to living in trees and has some amazing adaptations for this. First, all tree monitors have a fully prehensile tail (meaning they can move it around and curl it up completely). This adaptation is used to help them climb trees, acting like a "lifeline" in case they fall. If threatened, the tail can also be used as a whip, or curled up completley so these animals can make a quick getaway. This group of lizards also has elongated fingers and long sharp claws that can easily grab onto any wood surface, and each hand or foot has special black scales that act as a cushion for when they are moving through the trees. Tree monitors will also use their hands to reach into crevices and pull out grubs, or hiding insects with their fingers and claws. 

These animals are majestic, and about as close as you can get to modern day dinosaurs. 

We have the pleasure of working with ALL 3 species we made stickers of, so we can share them with you.

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