Typhochlaena seladonia (Brazilian Jewel) 0.25-0.5" & PRO Setup Ready-to-use + Custom 3" Sticker (Hatched December 2023)

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Complete setup ($50 value) Includes

cross ventilated 40 dram vial

hand cut and hand drilled bark 

shavings for the traps

We send the setup as the sling were living in there to you so you do not have to stress about setting up the enclosure. 

I have fine tuned this design so these slings make their traps often within 1 week but at the very least they will be happy and eat for you until they do make their traps 

We have used and developed this design over several years and it works very well to settle in slings very fast.

Most of the time slings make their traps before we send them, but if not they typically make their traps a couple weeks or less after they arrive! 


Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Typhochlaena
Species: seladonia
Type: Arboreal/Trapdoor/Dwarf
Temperment: Docile
Endemic Location: Brazil
Adult Size: 2.5-3"

We send these with cages we keep them in that are packed so you have no setup. We pack the soil and bark in place so you just remove the moss and use the cage. Super easy.

**These guys are pretty fresh slings born in August!

These are not quite as established as our other slings, so if you are wanting slings that are a bit larger and more established in their cages, then look for our larger slings!

Species Description


The pinacle of tarantulas? It is still up for debate, but no doubt the T. seladonia IS the most colorful of the tarantulas known to science.

This species is an arboreal trap door that grabs chunks of bark and creates a makeshift door that blends in with the surface it is on. That includes color and texture making the trap often times undisitinguishable from the bark surface it is on. When insects walk across the trap, the seladonia will pop out and ambush the prey and pull it back into it's layer so that it can remain hidden from other predators. 

The array of colors actually serves to make the spider blend into the bark surface and break up the outline of the body shape. The colors resemble many things including: water droplets, sap dropping and the bark surface itself. These guys are masters of camoflage. 

We ship all of our T. seladonia slings with set up enclosures so you can make sure that your sling thrives! We send the enclosure already SET UP so you dont have to worry about doing it. 

Complete Enclosure includes:

1 Cross vented cage we use here at EU 

1 Handcut bark for seladonia sling WITH Trap Mix!

ALL is set up before we send to you just as the sling was living in it. Most slings have started or have traps before we send them. We pack moss in the vials and all you do is take the packing material out and the cage is ready to use!


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