2" Metallic Vinyl (California Red Sided Garter) Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Use


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The California Red Sided Garter is among the most beautiful and interesting snakes in the world. This species is found in small regions across Califronia and can vary from blue, red and black, to white, red and black.

This species starts at about 4" small enough to eat worms, and will double in size in a couple weeks from birth!

After they are born, they shed within hours and then it is time to start feasting eating everything they can fit in their mouths including worms, fish, frogs and other amphibians so they can grow as fast as possible until its time to hibernate again.

We chose this amazing species for our logo since there are very few non-venomous snakes that share the bright color and contrast of the blue-phase California red sided garter.

Grab your sticker today so you can enjoy this amazing art in your own home!

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