3" Albino Erythristic Flame Garter Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor


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These aren't your average backyard garter snake, however they are a USA native species!

Abino Erythristic Flame Eastern Garter Snakes are some of the most red and sought after garters in captivity, and are a combo of 3 genes found in this species. 

The Erythristic and Flame genes combine to increase red pigment while albino removes the melanin (dark colors), leading to a glowing red, orange and purple snake! 

Eastern Garters range from Canada all along the east coast of the USA down into Florida, so they have a huge range AND many localities that vary greatly. 

These are truly one of the most colorful snakes in captivity and they definitely made an amazing muse for this artwork. 

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