3" Birupes Simoroxigorum (Neon Blue Tarantula) Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor


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Here is a heavy hitter... for beauty!! 

This is a species we hold near and dear to our hearts since we were the first in the USA to produce the "Biru" and still one of the very few breeders globally that have done so. 

The Biru is a terrestrial, heavy webber species from Asia that is a joy to keep and raise. The babies start off brown and spindly (like many other Asian species) and grow medium to fast depending on diet and feeding frequency and temperature.

As they age, they slowly get more blue starting off a deep blue, then after a couple molts the color becomes the stark teal/neon blue/ and then as they age the color deepens again starting at the base of their legs gradually becoming more deep blue into adulthood. Adults can range from royal blue to deep blue and old adults are deep navy blue that can appear black, but in the sun will reveal itself. 

The Biru belongs to its own genus and was discovered by 3 european scientists that wanted to name the species after their kids, so they combine d

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