3" Purple Blaze Tarantula Sticker - Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Use


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Here is Ornithioctoninae sp "Jaroslava" (Purple Blaze Tarantula). 

This species is part of the group known as the "Hon Sej" group that encompasses 5 seperate species of earth tigers that are all from the Vietnam area and that display different versions of blue and purple with a base color of orange. 

This group is also known for being smaller - all the species reaching only about 3.5" max size. 

This is a real species and coloration of this species, so we are excited to be working with them and to have this artwork available for you guys!

This is a stunning species, and the artwork we worked VERY hard to make sure it was correct anatomically and for coloration. 

Capture the beauty of this amazing species and own this amazing artwork today!

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