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Another house favorite here at Exotics Unlimited: Chilobrachys sp. "Tropical Blue" 

This amazing species from Thailand is part of a genus of heavy webbing, and fiesty tarantulas; some species in the genus can reach 7"+! The species in this genus naturally are found in a wide range of blue and are typically terrestrial burrowers - except this species. 

This unique species is found in elevated cave crevices, so they exhibit more arboreal features like longer legs, larger toe pads, and a smaller size, which are most commonly features found in strictly arboreal genera. 

The coloration also is a crazy teal-green and blue coloration that is truely stunning and resmebles the color of tropcial oceans (hence the name). This coloration is most seen on the underside of the body covering nearly the enture underside of the spider and especially on the front legs. This color is used to scare predators and as a warning to "not mess with me". 

Another awesome factore of this species is that they exhibit blue on top of their body as well as the bottom, so they are not just brown or black on top ( a common feature in the genus Chilobrachys). 

Distinct physicological and color differences can be found in this species when compared to its closest relative: the Chilobrachys natnicharum (Ex. Electric Blue). 

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