4"x4"x12" Square Ventilated Catch Tube (Usps Ground Shipping Included)


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Perhaps THE MOST useful thing ever designed for tarantulas and small pets. - Really

Introducing the Tarantula Rooms Vetilated Catch Tube!

How To Use It

Just open one end, put your pet inside, and close the secure caps while you do your routine maintence. 

Then when you are finished open up both ends, and gently push your pet through back into the cage with a paintbrush or other soft tip tool. 

Here at EU, we use these for nearly all of our animals that can fit in the tube. 

An amazing solution for rehousing tarantulas, wrangling large centipedes, and holding geckos while you are changing out their cage bedding each week. 

It is much faster, safer, and easier than any other container you have for your pets, and you can keep your distance when needed. 

No more catching toes, tails, or getting to close to comfort for your more spicy pets. 

Great For:

Tarantulas - Great for rehousing fast species, catching escapees, and "tubing" mature males to place into the perfect spot for the right approach in breeding. 

Centipedes - When it comes to large centipedes, the further away you can keep your hands the better. Make capturing those large species while doing maintenance a breeze. 

Geckos/small lizards- Cupping geckos in a deli cup means more room for error in catching toes, tails or worse (heads) while they scramble, especially if you have a large collection. Some deli cups snap shut, which can cause injuries. The rubber ends and ample space inside these tubes is a safer and quicker solution for your weekly maintenance for your geckos and small lizards. 

AMAZING visual aspect - the crystal clear polycarbonate lets you get up close to those pets you might not normally get to see closely. Now get up close and see colors and details on your venomous pets you may not have seen before. 

Note from Will (Cofounder; Tarantula, and Lizard manager) - I have a policy: I do not sell to my customers things I either do not like, or we do not use in the shop.

These WORK. There is nothing more frusturating than trring to use dram vials or wierd containers to hold animals safely when you need to. These containers have CHANGED the game for my team and I while we do maintenance. I use these tubes for all these applications, but you can use them for even more. I am sure you will love these as much as I do! 




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