8" x 12" Round Tower (Usps Ground Shipping Included)


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These cages were designed for tarantula breeding and keeping, but also work great for almost any cool climate pet tropical or arid that does not need heat! 

This includes: 

Cool climate geckos and lizards

Tarantulas (over 100 species bred in these cages!)

Centipedes, isopods and other invertebrates 

Amphibians like pacman frogs, or certain species of salamander!

Probably the most versistile exotic pet enclosure ever made. 

Exact Dimensions: 21cm x 30cm

Additional Details

The Specs

What makes these cages so special, you ask? Let us break it down for you:

💎 Long Lasting Polycarbonate - no more temporary acrylic cages

🪟 Ultra Clear Viewing - More clear than Glass and Acrylic

💨 Ample Top Ventilation = Over 400 Drilled 1/8" Holes

🛡️ Powder Coated Stainless Steel Ventilation

🥂 Shatter & Crack Proof

🛑 Escape Prevention Lip

🧲 Smooth & Strong Magnetic Lids

🪶 Lightweight Design : 20% Weight of Acrylic

🥂 Shatter & Crack Proof

🌅 Light Filtering Tops - Simulate Dawn/Dusk

♻️ Handmade in the UK - Support Brands with Ethical Production Methods

🏡 Modern Look and Feel

🔒 No Gaps Keeps Babies In!

See a more detailed outline of the design specs on the Tarantula Room Enclosures main page

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