Euathlus sp. 'tigre costera' (Chilean Emerald Flame) 0.5"

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Picture in the sun and indoors

Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Euathlus
Species: sp. 'tigre costal
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Calm and good beginner
Endemic Location: Chile
Adult Size: 4.5"

Species Description

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Pictured: 2 different specimens in different lighting situations
This is the first time this species has been offered within the USA and we are honored to have it!
This species is from the arid shrublands of Chile where the moisture in the region comes mainly from the condensation off of coastal winds. This region is almost like desert, but not necessarily as hot as it is more dry. Expect this species to be a little more forgiving in care and a medium growth rate to its max size of 4". 
This docile terrestrial species from the arid shrublands Chile is very unique. With green-blue femurs with a BRIGHT red abdomen and tiger stripes on the sides there is really not much like it in the USA. 
NOTE: This species IS locality based and will be hard to find additonal photos for this particular species. 

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