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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Poecilotheria
Species: rufilata
Type: Arboreal
Temperment: Defensive and Fast
Endemic Location: india
Adult Size: 8"+

Species Description

One of the most gorgeous species of "Pokies" in the hobby, the P. rufilata has wowed keepers for decades.

It sports a gorgeous green and yellow coat, with red hairs, and its underside can have purple, blue, red, yellows and greens making this also one of the most colorful 'Pokies' in the hobby as well.

To top it all off, this species has been reported to reach up to 10" in legspan, making it allegedly the largest arboreal tarantula. While it is hard to say if this species will in fact reach this goliath size, you can definitely expect a max size of about 9 inches!!

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