Ornithoctoninae sp. Hon-sej (Blue Blaze Tarantula) 0.5"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Undescribed
Species: sp Hon-Sej
Type: Fossorial Temperment: Fast and can be defensive Endemic
Location: Asia (Unknown) Adult Size: 3.5"+
*We are one of the few people in the USA to have worked with adults of this amazing species. They really look like this in person and are smaller species. For more questions let us know as we have hands on experience :)

Species Description

This beautiful fossorial species is a must have for any hobbyist or collector. They dig a series of tunnels often with 2 or more entrances and have a great feeding response! The high contrast iridescent blue on its carapace and abdomen with a yellow-orange body makes for a stunning species when viewed during feeding time. Get yours today!

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