Phormictopus sp. 'Blue Azul' (Dominican Blue Bird Eater) 1-1.5"


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The Phromictopus sp. blue or blue azul is a gorgeous species from the Dominican Republic that features amazing colors throughout their entire lives. 

When they are younger, they are bright blue, and then they will tranistion to a violet color, gaining more color as they age. 

This species is sexually dimorphic, with the females featuring bright blue femurs, a purple carapace and then deep blue abdomen and legs.

The males appear to be nearly completely blue. 

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Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Phormictopus
Species: sp. 'Blue Azul'
Type: Terrestrial
Temperment: Skiddish and fast
Endemic Location: Caribbean Islands
Adult Size: 8"

Species Description

Want a bird eater, but not a brown tarantula? Look no further. The Phormictopus genus is a group of spiders that are huge and colorful and the Azul is no exception. You can expect fast growth from this species like many other bird eaters, and a great legspan reaching around 8". If you love big, beautiful tarantulas (BBT) then you will love these! Get yours today. 

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