Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli 2-3"

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Another great purple species from India, the P. tigrinawesseli features an amazing purple carapace, and purple femurs (first section of the legs).

Ornamental (Poecilotheria) species love to stretch out and are a group of some of the largest arbroeal tarantulas, so they get fairly large and make for impressive display animals.



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The Specs

Genus: Poecilotheria Species: tigrinawesseli Type: Arboreal Temperment: Defensive and Fast Endemic Location: Sri Lanka Adult Size: 6-8"

Species Description

If you love purple, high contrast patterns and a bit of an attitude, this is a great option. This species is another great "pokie", an Asian group of arboreal tarantulas that is sought after for its banded and high contrast and colorful patterns. Get yours today!

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