Tired of your average pet source? We are too.

It's a simple fact: Experience and quality makes a difference.

The founders of Exotics Unlimited are here to revolutionize the standards for what is expected in the exotic animal industry.

The animals we keep we do not just carry. We are not just a flipper. We are "professional hobbyists"; that means we treat these animals as if they are our personal animals and are constantly learning and adjusting to give the best care (and care advice) possible.

We UNAPPOLOGETICALLY put the animals' consideration first. Always.

Our existence is so much deeper than just "another pet source". It is a way of life for us, and our way to spread the wonders of the rarely seen natural world into your hands to enjoy and keep successfully.

Let our team upgrade your collection and keeping experience with the quality, support and value you (and your animals) deserve.

We are Exotics Unlimited.

The Perks!