Birupes simoroxigorum (Neon Blue Leg) about 1"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Birupes Species: simoroxigorum Type: Terrestrial/Heavy Webber Temperment: Aggressive Endemic Location: Malaysia Adult Size: 4"

Species Description

This species of Asian terrestrial is super unique in nature and has been one of the favorites to keep here at Exotics Unlimited. This species actually burrows along the roots of trees in locations where the humidity outside the burrow is 100%. We recommend you mix moss or organic matter into the soil of your "Biru" so that it mimics the roots that they naturally burrow through in the jungles of Borneo.
This species is fine at room temp and requires alot of moisture, but high ventilation to prevent mold growth. A water dish with this species is a must, as they are very moisture sensitive, but it is recommended that they are given a wet and dry portion of the cage so they can also choose the humidity level they desire for their burrow. 

We DID produce the first production in the USA hobby for this species. This amazing species is a great addition to anyone's collection! They are a tropical terrestrial species that likes very high humidity. They will dig tunnels, but we have observed that they will stay out in the open more if the humidity is higher. They web enclosures to make it look like it snowed, and will cover everything in a thin layer of web to feel vibrations in their surroundings

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