Birupes simoroxigorum (Neon Blue Leg) 0.5-0.75"

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This extraordinary blue species from Malaysia is sure to captivate you!

The vibrant blue of these tarantulas is completely natural, no editing needed!

From a deep blue shade, their color gradually transitions to a bright teal as they mature, reverting back to a deep blue in adulthood.

This species is prolific in webbing, coating their environment in a thin layer resembling snow. This webbing helps them sense and navigate their territory. 

Despite common misconceptions, they're not burrowers – our observations show they dig primarily for moisture, thriving in high humidity environments.

To keep them content, providing a water dish is recommended, along with maintaining soil moisture. 

You can tell that they are happy when you see alot of webbing on the surface and that they are out and around their burrow instead of hidden. 

Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Birupes
Species: simoroxigorum
Type: Terrestrial/Heavy
Webber Temperment: Aggressive
Endemic Location: Malaysia
Adult Size: 4"

Species Description

This species of Asian terrestrial is super unique in nature and has been one of the favorites to keep here at Exotics Unlimited.

This species actually burrows along the roots of trees in locations where the humidity outside the burrow is 100%.

We recommend you mix moss or organic matter into the soil of your "Biru" so that it mimics the roots that they naturally burrow through in the jungles of Borneo.

This species is fine at room temp and requires alot of moisture, but high ventilation to prevent mold growth.

A water dish with this species is a must, as they are very moisture sensitive, but it is recommended that they are given a wet and dry portion of the cage so they can also choose the humidity level they desire for their burrow. 

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