Caribena versicolor (Antilles Pink Toe) about 0.75"

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Species Details

The Specs

Genus: Caribena
Species: versicolor
Type: Arboreal
Temperment: Very Docile
Endemic Location: St. Martin
Adult Size: 6"

Species Description

Possible one of the most beautiful "hobby staples" there is, the versicolor has impressed both experienced and beginner hobbyists for decades with its captivating beauty.

There arent many species that are beautiful for their entire lives, and this one is a show stopper. As babies to juveniles this species is a stark blue eventually getting an orange abdomen. Then as an adult, this species sports a red and purple coat with a green carapace that can sometimes appear sky blue depending on the lighting.

We have some of the most impressive tarantulas from around the globe, and still work with this speices, so you know it is an awesome one.

If you are looking for a colorful tarantula, that is a heavy webbing docile species, that is fun to watch grow, this is a great option!
Photo cred: My monsters

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