Cyriopagopus sp. 'Valhalla' (Emerald Shadow Tree Spider) 1.5-2"


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This is the REAL Valhalla bloodline straight from the source. 

The females in these pictures are related to the slings that are in stock. 

For those that want genetically diverse group, feel free to message us about this! 

We are the ONLY suppliers in the usa that have slings directly from the founders of the C. valhalla species!! Avoid hybrids and support CBB slings! 

Additional Details

The Specs

Genus: Cyriopagopus
Species: sp. 'Valhalla' (Undescribed)
Type: Arboreal
Temperment: Defensive
Endemic Location: Thailand
Adult Size: 6"

Species Description

When considering Asian arboreal species, it is truely hard to beat the C. valhalla. This large arboreal species is very unique, stunning and extremely rare. Reaching adult size of about 6" across, this black and emerald green tarantula is a true stunner. The individuals that are able to obtain this species should consider themselves lucky. Get yours today while they last!

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